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The Coaching

As we journey together, we will explore how you want to create your life - the life you were made for - and forge a path that leads to a deeper fulfillment of your purpose and calling.  At times, the steps will be uncertain and the terrain challenging, but the destination will bring a renewed sense of yourself in the world.

Here are some of the ways we will navigate this journey together...


We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.

- Marcel Proust


Courage, Compassion + Connection

The work of Brené Brown shapes much of my coaching work.  In particular, "Daring Greatly" provides a pathway to a more authentic, vulnerable, and courageous life. One in which we make daring choices in service of our purpose and in alignment with our deepest values. 

"We can choose comfort or we can choose courage, but we can't have both."


Living by Your Values

Our core values are like a compass for our journey, showing us the way.  When we aren't living according to our values, we experience inner dissonance, confusion, and disorientation.  We are lost and off our path.  But when we clearly identify our values and make daily choices to live in alignment to what is most important, we find greater energy, passion and direction.


Self-Sabotaging & How To Stop It

We all have at least one.  Maybe more.  That pesky inner voice that criticizes, minimizes and paralyses us.  Just when we try to make a change and step out of our comfort zone, it throws fear, anxiety and self doubt over our plans, like a big wet blanket.  Self-sabotage is all too common and yet there are helpful tools and effective practices that can help us defeat this inner critic.


After A Fall and Failure

We will often stumble and fall along the path, and we have but two choices:  to remain face down in the dirt, or to find a way to rise with vulnerability, integrity and courage.  That process often requires us to reckon with the truth of our narratives - the stories of our pain and struggle.  To rumble with hard emotions and create a new, more authentic ending.


Building Resilience

Resilience may look like strength, agility and grit, but it is built through the hard work of

  • self-compassion

  • patience

  • forgiveness

  • gratitude

  • creating boundaries

The truth is, resilience demands both our vulnerability and courage.


Deepening Your Spiritual Life

For many of us, there is a meaningful and sacred connection to something bigger than ourselves.  We may call it God, Abba, Creator, Mother Earth, the Divine, or the Universe.  Our path is often guided by a kind of inner knowing that is felt in our souls.  As a coach, I honour this part of the journey for my clients (and in my own life), and work toward a deepening of that spiritual walk.

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