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It's lovely to meet you. 

I have had the honour of coaching clients since 2012, when I made an abrupt turnabout in my career, in search of deeper purpose.  After 25 years as a Qualitative Marketing Research Professional, I decided to get trained and certified as a Life Coach.  While the shift seemed extreme in some ways, it really was simply a redirection of my gifts and passion.  As a researcher, I explored the attitudes, behaviours, choices, and intentions of consumers and the way they spent their hard earned money.  As a coach, I now explore the attitudes, behaviours, choices and intentions of my clients and the way they spend their one precious life.  


The decision to make a change, turn a corner, flip a page, start a new chapter and create something new can be daunting and scary, to say the least.  But it can also be the direction of our most significant growth and our most authentic self.  The cost of change can seem great, but the cost of staying the same is often greater.

My training + education

  • BA in Psychology

  • Certification with Co-Active Training Institute

  • Member of the International Coaches Federation

  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (The work of Brené Brown)

  • Certified in Breakthrough Coaching

...and some other stuff

  • A few of my favourite things:  travel, dark chocolate, long walks, deep conversation, yoga and knitting

  • Extrovert, recovering perfectionist and Enneagram One

  • Jesus-follower

  • Married to a Street Pastor.  Second time's a charm!

  • Grateful Mom of 3 kids and Step-Mom to 4 more

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