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Life Coaching with Maggie Paul


Meet Maggie

Certified Professional Life Coach

It isn't a straight path for most of us.  Life has so many unexpected twists and turns, ups and downs.  Sometimes it even feels inside out.  But if we approach our lives with curiosity and courage, we might just discover the deeper answers of meaning and purpose.  And a way forward.  Often this requires a difficult journey into uncertainty and even pain.  An uphill climb that leaves us breathless.   A wrong turn that feels disorienting.  But if we persevere, we can reach a place where we can live authentically and aligned to our values and purpose.  A place where we can exhale.

Welcome!  I look forward to walking alongside you on this journey.


How we'll work together...



deep trust and open space to explore

Gentle guiding, reflecting

& discovering 

new ways of being and seeing

Clarifying values, belief systems and narratives that lead to big shifts and meaningful growth

Creating new habits, setting goals and making change


a new path


Coaching can help if you're experiencing any of the following...

  • A desire to make a change, shift, learn and grow

  • A desire for something new or different in your life, but you don't know where to start

  • Uncertainty about a decision you need to make

  • Anxiety and overwhelm with your life and all you have on your plate

  • Lack of energy or motivation for your daily activities

  • Lack of focus and the ability to organize yourself in the direction of your goals

  • A time of transition that feels scary

  • Struggling with self-sabotaging and negative self-talk

  • Confusion about a current situation or feeling stuck

  • A sense of meaninglessness or lack of purpose

  • Seeking more from your life

  • Wanting support to redirect yourself and start living with more intention


The Journey Towards Well-being Begins On the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

"Maggie's coaching has enabled me to change my life. She has a sacred talent and I have grown so much as a result of our relationship. If you feel stuck in the dark or know where you are going but not how to get there, I encourage you to open your soul and take Maggie up on her invitation."

- Teresa

"Maggie has a way of getting me to access parts of myself that I have no idea about, while simultaneously reminding me of the truths that I often forget. After every session with Maggie, I feel rejuvenated, challenged, and more free to live into who I am. I also appreciate how we can laugh together while also digging deep."

- Madi

- Danielle

"I was lost and couldn't find my true self anymore. Maggie's warmth and acceptance gave me a place where I could finally belong and be real about what was happening inside. She guided me on my path to show me who I am and the worth that I have."

- Brooke

“Maggie is a thoughtful, caring coach.  She asks powerful questions that really got me thinking!  Her intuition is spot on often leading me to follow a line of reflection that resulted in creating action steps toward my desired goals.  I highly recommend Maggie if you’re looking for a coach whose impact runs deep.”

- Sarah

"I found Maggie to be a very warm and reassuring person...I was ready for change and Maggie helped me embrace a new path.​"

- Sheri

"I will forever be grateful for Maggie's guidance in my life. Her insight and wisdom have given me the ability to clearly identify my values and become the best version of myself. Her warm personality and thought provoking questions have given me new perspectives. Maggie has empowered me to live life with curiosity and courage."   

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